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Dolomite's mountain range summit climb

The climb to Santa Barbara Church helped prepare us for our first, but definitely not the last, excursion to the Dolomite's. The travel to the edge of the Dolomite's mountain range was about an hour by coach/ car from Riva del Garda, with plenty of opportunity along the way to take in many beauty spots. The Dolomite range are a stunning backdrop to the picturesque town and villages, but to really appreciate them, you need to view them from one.

Understandably most of the range is not accessible for the casual walker, but there are a few options should you feel like stretching your calf muscles to their maximum, then a hike up Sass Pordoi is for you.

Whilst you have the opportunity to do the full climb, our time constraints meant we had to start further up and unlike the previous hikes, the drop of temperature played a big part in this trip. By the time you reach the 2,950 meter summit, your heart feels like it may burst through your rib-cage and temperatures are not much above freezing, however you are rewarded with possibly the most awe inspiring, jaw dropping panoramic views of other peaks and the valleys between. The summit landscape itself, a barren mix of rock and brittle scree, feels like you are on another planet. Although additional clothing was required, the performance that a pair of Uptown Funk leggings provided in both suitable flexibility and warmth more than met the demands of the excursion.

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