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Northern Italy, Riva del Garda

An impromptu visit to Riva del Garda in northern Italy, gave plenty of opportunity to showcase collections against some of the most amazing backdrops and views around Lake Garda’s northern shore and the edge of the Italian Alps.

Forming part of the Trentino Alto Adige region, Riva Del Garda offers the perfect platform for many sports and activities. The strong winds make it a popular windsurfing destination, but many other sports like mountain biking, rock climbing and mountain walking, are well represented here. Aside from eating our body weight in gelato, our aim for the week was to balance the eating with as many of the amazing mountain walks as possible. Upon our first day we were taken back with the scale and beauty of the mountains that surround Riva, but also at how quick the weather can change, rather apt that Chloe wore leggings and sports bra from the Thunderstrike collection. About ten minutes after this picture was taken on the shore, a short, but spectacular storm rolled in from the peaks of Monte Rocchetta pictured behind Chloe.

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