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Photoshoot Day

We thought we'd start our first blog post with a quick write up of the first CLOACTIVE photoshoot. Whilst we had done the odd image here and there on location, this was the first planned project of the full product range in one day.

There's an old saying within product design that a picture paints a thousand words and a model paints a thousand pictures, which is true in the fashion context too, even if, figuratively speaking, the models are different.

We are blessed with having two friends perfect for the role of helping showcase our collections, Physical Training Instructor Georgia Hayes and Dance Teacher Samantha Bliss, joined Chloe and Dave along with photographer Emilie Stevens at the Photo Rooms in Southampton for an afternoon photoshoot. The shoot was frantic, terrific fun and the results are amazing, allowing everyone a great idea of how each garment fits on a person. You can see many of these images on the accompanying product listings on our website.

Huge thank you to Georgia, Sam, Emilie and The Photo Rooms of Southampton, we could not have hoped for a more enthusiastic and passionate team to help us.

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