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Forest mountain climb to Santa Barbara Church

Today was when it REALLY kicked up a notch, with an ascent up a forest mountain path to the small Santa Barbara Church on Monte Rocchetta.  The journey starts with a 'relative' easy zig zag walk to the Bastione, a small stone fort overlooking Riva and Lake Garda. After a short pitstop to look round the fort, the real challenge takes place from the Bastione to the Santa Barbara Church, a 620 metre ascent via a 3,330 metre path. The path itself is not for the faint-hearted and a good pair of walking boots are recommended as the trail is rough in places (and slippery during showers). The climb is a 2.5 hour cardio session, but once there, the view from the church is worth all the pain, overlooking Riva del Garda and beyond, the only problem now is the climb back down :)

It is difficult to really give a sense of scale to the climb, but circled in red is the Santa Barbara Church from ground level at Riva del Garda.

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