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"Hi! I'm Danielle, and I've lived in the New Forest for the last 18 years. I moved over at age 17 from the states - and I haven't looked back since! Every day is different, and I know this is the place for me. I've been married to my husband for just as long! I've never been an exercisy person - not even close. I'm more of a drink beer and play video games kind of girl. At least I was - until July 2017 when the doctor told me I'd finally hit diabetic. I was scheduled to see the specialist GP and go from there. When I got there, she surprised me by saying I wasn't yet diabetic and that there was still a way to turn it around. Instead of saying "lose weight" she encouraged me to make positive choices in life. She referred me to the gym. Suggested a dieting plan to kick start me going, and told me I didn't need to give up the stuff I loved, just make better choices sometimes. I did. I've lost 2 stone, and gained a lot of confidence I never had. Like leggings. I first found CLOACTIVE when I was visiting Chloe's partners' shop. I saw the leggings - expecting them not to be very big (lets be honest, the sizing on them is normally awful). He told me no, they went up bigger than I needed. I was sold! I took them home, and I haven't been the same since. I never thought I'd wear leggings. I definitely never thought I'd want to live in them full time!"

Facebook Page: @ZampItUp