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"I’m Leila, a wife and a mum. I’ve had an active life for as long as I can remember. My mum and dad used to take me running with them when I was just a girl and I played basketball in a club. When I became a teen my dad introduced me to windsurfing which became a lifestyle. I’d read the mags, wear the clothes and start my own windsurfing club at uni. We entered competitions and we won a lot of them! I fell in love with a talented windsurfer, got into photography, started writing articles for him and us and this is how we gained sponsorship. Enough to travel the world and enter world windsurfing championship. We lived on the island of Fuerteventura which felt great originally but eventually I missed my family and wanted to return to a more “normal” life. I came back to the UK, settled down, started a family and worked as a retailer in Bournemouth.
The Dorset lifestyle suits me perfectly. I Love living by the beach in an active community. I still windsurf; I’ve also taken up surfing and wakeboarding which gives me a good choice of outdoor activities depending on the weather. Those last few years, I’ve returned to running and attend Parkrun on a regular basis. I’ve also joined a local Mixed Touch Rugby team which brings out the team player in me. In the winter, I condition my body for exercise indoors with gym activities. I love alternating yoga and weight lifting for strengthening core, shoulders and legs.
I find CLOACTIVE wear ideal for yoga. Its feminine design  and high waisted leggings are lovely and flattering. Wearing comfortable, fit for purpose and stylish clothes definitely has this boosting effect when exercising - look the part/ work the part!
I am also a firm believer that our first wealth is health and that we must do everything  to maintain a healthy body. With the correct Nutrition and training, we can all become what we want to be, regardless of age or sex."

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